Developing Your Psychological Resources

Event Description

The importance of one’s ability to build and maintain mental fortitude cannot be downplayed given the conditions of the current complex workforce and the impacts of the global pandemic. There is evidence that developing the components of psychological capital strongly impacts how employees show up to work by helping them strengthen their mental fortitude. Psychological Capital is defined as an individual’s positive psychological state of development which is characterized by Hope, Self-Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism (Fred Luthans, et al.,2007).

In this workshop, we will define and explore the components of Psychological Capital with the purpose of understanding how they impact us and how our “inner critic” play a role in our everyday lives.

There will be an emphasis on participation and interactive activities, where attendees can leverage and build upon the knowledge and experiences of both themselves and their peers.


  • Introduction of Psychological capital |10 mins|
  • Familiarization with each PsyCap resource |15 mins|
  • Inner Critic |15 mins|
  • Introduction of the saboteurs |15 mins|
  • Conclusion and Giveaways |5 mins|


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the definition of Psychological Capital and its components
  • Build awareness of their own “inner critic” and its impact
  • Understand how to apply one or more tools for developing Psychological Capital


  • Samin Saadat
  • Imaima Robert

Level of Interaction

What differentiates our training/workshop sessions from others is that we leverage technology and reflective exercises to create an interactive learning experience where participants can experience the changes and lessons first-hand. Both virtually and in person, we use different technologies to gamify the learning experience for the audience.