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Get to know your employees through quick, easy-to-take engagement surveys.

Access the data, tools and insights you need to make real improvements to your employees’ productivity and happiness at work.

Jalapeño have outlined the process step-by-step in an effortless fashion, allowing me to focus on the results. The data they presented gave our management food for thought--with a few surprises!

Tracy Unger, General Manager
Cloudhead Games

What is Jalapeño?

Jalapeño ties together employee feedback, workplace engagement analytics, and evidence-based coaching and support in one easy-to-use web-based platform.

Use one of our ready-made survey templates to start getting insights into how your employees are feeling on the job, or create your own surveys to drill down into topics that are closer to your company’s unique needs.

Dynamic Data-driven Adaptation

Take the pulse of how your employees are feeling about work on the fly. With our visualized data analytics tools, you’ll see at a glance where your employees are feeling happy and engaged, and where there’s room for improvement.

Since individual results are anonymous, you can be sure you’re getting the most honest aggregate information on how your company’s work culture is doing.

Your own Personal Culture Coach

Our reporting and feedback tools show you the way forward, with concise, actionable pointers on how managers and employees alike can work smarter, communicate better, and collaborate more.

Real Recommendations by Real Experts

More than just another web app, Jalapeño is an evidence-based methodology supported by us, the employee engagement experts.

We’ll be with you every step of the way to give tailored support and recommendations on your company’s journey towards a truly exceptional work culture.

Jalapeño made it easy and fun to create a culture where everyone feels motivated and accountable for personal and company growth.

Shervin Teymouri, Principal Mining and Geotechnical Engineer
MineIt Consulting Inc.

Features Overview

Quarterly customized pulse survey
Mentorship with an Engagement & Culture Specialist
Custom, real-time dashboard
Customized recommendation reports
Evidence-based, actionable tools
Simple, hassle-free setup


A poor work culture leads to unhappy, unmotivated employees--and makes attracting top-level talent difficult. An investment in better understanding your team today will pay huge dividends tomorrow.


per user, per month
Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
Discounts available for yearly subscriptions.

Who are We?

Jalapeño is a team of strategists, researchers, designers, and web developers who share a passion for making work better. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we’re looking to work closely with companies both at home and afar to bring our vision of a better workplace to life.

We are here to help HR departments. Jalapeño is a tool that augments and supports research-based practices and methods, to strengthen company transparency and culture. We believe that each team already has everything it needs to do its best work and we’re the facilitators that will unlock that potential.

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