A Support for Improving Your Overall Employee Experience, When You Need It the Most

Our Spicy Hotline resources are designed to be your ongoing and confidential HR, People, and Culture support for taking a proactive approach to different ad-hoc team and workplace situations.

Support for Crucial and Urgent Matters

We will be the resource for you and your team to discuss any important and urgent workplace matter that you and your team need help with.

Overcome Emotional Reactions

We create awareness and objectivity by guiding you to understand your own unique individual challenges and address them accordingly.

Turn Workplace Issues into Growth Opportunities

We empower you and your team to address your own challenges and concerns at work through learning approaches within your own roles.

Have a Safe Space to Talk

We will create a safe and confidential space for you to talk and build more awareness of your next steps using your existing resources.

Understand Your Workplace Culture Pattern

We will provide you with monthly or bi-weekly aggregated reports on the common theme of the issues, existing cultural patterns and identifiable cracks in the work culture observed through a brief track record of spicy hotline calls.

Want to Get Ad-hoc Support?