Get to know Jalapeno

We strongly believe that every individual regardless of their race, age, status, gender, position, and mental as well as physical situations has the potential to offer something unique and we are here to unlock that potential.

Our Vision

Building a world where you and your company reach full potential.

Our Mission

Leveraging technology and science towards developing essential skills while creating a sustainable and humanized environment to enrich you and your team members’ lives.

Our Values

Individual Empowerment

We can only achieve sustainable engagement when the responsibility of engagement is shared 50/50 between employees and employers. We inspire a mindset that enables everyone to feel in charge of their own engagement and be their own hero.


Transparency drives trust and accountability. We ensure and guarantee that the right information is with the right person at the right time to make the best and informed decisions. We inspire people to be actively transparent, involved and feel that their actions are influential so that they perform better

Collective Mindset

We strongly believe that our client’s success is our success. We measure our success by the accomplishments of our team members and our clients. We create a culture that puts a day-to-day emphasis on keeping shared goals and mutual vision top of mind.


We don’t leave data and good ideas on the shelf. We support our team, clients, and community by empowering them to take action towards making their dreams a reality.

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