Turning people data into knowledge and action

Our software enables you to listen to your team’s voice in the most effective and efficient way. At Jalapeno, we turn this voice into meaningful and actionable insights

Make Your Team’s Voice Matter

We know you care about your team members’ feedback but you may not have time and energy to collect it. We give you a platform where you get to know your people and their needs better.

Ask the Right Questions

We use our research-based assessment to drill down into topics that are closer to your company’s unique needs.

Speak the Language of Your Employees

We tailor and customize the assessments and reports to your and your company’s needs and priorities.

Get Quick Results that Point You to Meaningful Actions

We help you get quick data-driven and actionable insights.

Track the Progress and Re-adjust Actions

We help you track your own and your team’s engagement and modify actions based on progress.

Want to turn your team's voice into action?