Hidden Dynamics of Family Culture in the Workplace

Event Description

There are conceptions that engaged and healthy company culture should feel tightly-knit and agile, like a family or sports team. However, this mindset and work environment can sometimes be detrimental to the growth of an organization and its members. It is important to be aware of how a specific culture can have short-term positive effects, but unintended long-term negative effects on a team and everyone within it. In this session, we will go over a case study of a company with a strong family culture and its highlights and challenges. We will learn and discuss where and how we can invest our resources to leverage family culture strengths while making necessary changes for the sustainable growth of the company and its people.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Overcome misconceptions and misperceptions about corporate company culture, its purpose, and employees’ interactions
  • Understand how to identify “painkillers” within a nice and family company culture and replace them with solutions that will guarantee continuous improvement
  • Understand how to Identify focus areas with culture to develop and improve, to drive growth and innovation
  • Build awareness of their own constructive and destructive contribution to a family culture Understand what actions are necessary to overcome the shortcomings of family culture that will allow for further growth and innovation within the company


  • Samin Saadat
  • Imaima Robert
  • Leanne Kack
  • Ritika Rana

Level of Interaction

What differentiates our training/workshop sessions from others is that we leverage technology and reflective exercises to create an interactive learning experience where participants can experience the changes and lessons first-hand. Both virtually and in person, we use different technologies to gamify the learning experience for the audience.


We would be delighted to have this opportunity with BCODN because we strongly believe that we all fulfill the same vision of creating thriving work environments by building supportive learning communities, as well as growing awareness of the value of Organizational Development within the various industries in BC. Therefore, it is part of our responsibility to empower each other and to share knowledge and experiences with our peers to ensure we, as OD consultants, shape the future workforce effectively and efficiently.