Spicy Hotline: Building Greater Inclusion in a Socially Distanced World

Clarrus Consulting Group & Jalapeño Employee Engagement sharing their secret sauce of fostering inclusion at remote workplaces. As more companies shift to remote work following the coronavirus pandemic, management may have to work harder to ensure that all employees feel included and have equal opportunity. In this event, we will be sharing resources and insights on how we can embrace inclusion in our virtual workspaces.

Who We Are

Jalapeño Employee Engagement helps you grow your people to grow your business. With our unique combination of Technology and Professional Services, you and your team will achieve desired results effectively and efficiently.

Clarrus Consulting Group works to nurture extraordinary teams for amazing results, and was founded by Jim Brosseau in 2002. We focus on improving project teams and the projects they work on, providing you with the tools to intentionally craft an effective team culture.

Our Topic of Discussion

Diversity and inclusion should be one of the core values of the company – and not just a catchphrase. Corporate cultures might have the best tools and technology to make their employees feel connected, but not necessarily included or valued! In the remote reality today, the formation of a well- built diverse and inclusive work environment is not a miracle that happens overnight, it requires a continuous effort from team leaders, managers and employees, as well.

Every remote worker should have the right to enjoy a space where he feels connected, heard and challenged! But how do companies foster an inclusive virtual work community?

Clarrus Consulting Group and Jalapeño Employee Engagement are collaborating to discuss the best practices of fostering inclusion and improving the correlation between diversity and remote workforces.

Join this interesting panel where the panel indulges in a discussion to help teams lead their way to build inclusive cultures and strengthen the connection between workers remotely.

Key Takeaways

We believe in building and educating the community and providing useful resources to them. Here are some learning outcomes that you will be able to take away at the end of this event:

  • How to make diversity and inclusion part of our daily interactions in an online world
  • How to evaluate and optimize inclusion within our team
  • How to provide growth opportunities by becoming a ‘conscious’ and virtual individual and organization

You can attend our virtual event to contribute directly to the analysis and/or gain insight from the interactive discussion :) Everyone is encouraged to share their diverse experience!

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Our Speakers

Jim Brosseau :

Jim has been working with teams for almost 3 decades and is passionate about educating people about the role that relationships and interpersonal friction have in the success or failure of projects. Today he leads a team of 12 facilitators delivering project management and leadership workshops that embody this philosophy of focusing primarily on team relationships to over 2000 people each year. Jim has volunteered with the Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC, and he has worked in support of homeless communities in Burnaby. He has published two books, numerous technical articles, and has presented at major conferences and many local professional associations.

Samin Saadat:

The human brain, behaviour and interactions with their environment never fail to intrigue Samin Saadat . After spending long hours in psychology labs at UBC and completing her Masters at the Sauder School of Business, she entered the workforce and observed a gap between what research suggests and what companies actually do to increase productivity and profitability. Now, Samin is on a mission to bridge this gap through Jalapeño Employee Engagement—leveraging technology and professional human services to bring research findings to life to help companies save invaluable dollars and to help individuals enhance their quality of life.

Our Moderator

Imaima Robert:

Imaima is an Organizational Psychology Consultant and Researcher. She helps organizations reach their full potential, working closely with employees to maximize employee engagement and their psychological safety in the workplace. She is highly experienced with creating healthy workplace cultures, recruitment, team development, and restructuring. She has used her experience to help organizations strengthen their culture, dynamics, and development. Imaima works closely with employees and leadership teams, providing coaching and training to create an environment where they can thrive. She has also been heavily involved in organizational volunteer consulting helping organizations strategize and maximize their people resources. Imaima holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural and Environmental Science from the American University of Nigeria and a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Adler University, where her research focused on psychological safety and how it impacts employee wellbeing, performance and psychological capital.


10 mins -Introduction & Warmup

20 mins -"Building Greater Inclusion in a Socially Distanced World” by Jim Brosseau

20 mins -Panel discussion with Samin Saadat and Jim Brosseau

10 mins - Jalapeño will engage the community in a trivia contest to provide thank you gifts, making the end of the session.

You Should Specially Attend If You Are

  • Business Owner
  • HR Lead
  • HR Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Learner
  • Team Player

You can also attend anonymously.

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