5 Reasons Why Brewing Industry Can Be a Paragon of Diversity in Other Industries


Samin Saadat
Executive Director, Posted on Jun 28, 2021

In the past few years, we as a society have had seen experiences of numerous tragic sexual, racial, and other unusual events like harassment and discrimination among the workforce in almost all industries. Moreover, if we particularly indicate the brewing industry, it has witnessed the same scenario.

But you might ask: what potentially differentiates the brewing industry from the rest of all?

A potential difference is that they give people freedom of speech, and hold themselves accountable to hear their people’s voices. Further, to analyze and assess the situation, they take sensible actions to make changes for betterment.
One significant thing to consider is that their purpose to bring real change and follow a mission of betterment by fostering inclusivity and diversity in the industry is beyond the moral and legal obligations. Breweries are formed by people and it includes people, so if the industry won't take care of its people, how will they survive and thrive? 

Betterment occurs step by step while some primary problems will remain at their places even if they try for 100 percent. The situations require patience so these problems can be managed gracefully over time. This industry is surely determined to make major changes in the system and at the mindset level. Facilitation and alignment of industry values with the behavior towards their beloved community is a significant need today.

But the question is: What are the reasons that the brewing industry can become a paragon of diversity in other industries?

Let’s have a look at the reasons:

Reason 1: They Value Bringing People and Community Together 

Prior to other matters let’s have a glance at the industry values impersonated in their mission.
Comparable to individuals or companies, everything strikes on rightly to the brewing when it is highly arranged amidst their values.
And what is more remarkable is that it mostly occurs unconsciously. Yes, it happens whether it is an individual or a company, they will try their best to ensure that they mold themselves in the framework of values. The same goes for the industry level.
It is stunning to see how all breweries in their industry have one value that is common among all of them which is “Bringing People Together”, and this includes their staff, customers, partners, communities, and other stakeholders. 
Consequently, the inner desire to influence and innovate their culture to stick people together over a mug of beer comes from within. Their strategy of how they can leverage their potential for the sake of better working conditions for the brewery staff and all their community is admirable.

Reason 2: They Are Practicing an Industry-wide Effort

One bonus point about the brewing industry is that it is not playing blame games on the third party for their shortcomings. Instead, they address it by creating complementary accountability and capacity in every business to play their role in securing diversity, equity, and inclusion.
To practice this industry-wide effort, they are setting a distinguished example by indulging business owners to engage in their ambitions. Hence, to reach their goal of accessing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their industry, they are working on launching an Industry & Nation-Wide Employee Survey with the assistance of Jalapeño.

Reason 3: They are practicing a data-driven and science-based strategy to make changes

Before summarizing the conclusion, it is better to proceed with responsive solutions. The industry spends their resources in defining their problems with highest priority and then identifying forces to create a consequential positive impact. For this purpose, they leverage the science of psychology to accurately understand their people and requirements, together with technology to arrange it effectively, objectively, and efficiently nationwide.

Reason 4: They Aim to Transform Data into Knowledge and Action

A crucial step they aim to take that might differentiate them further from other industries is their strategy to ensure the data does not stay on the shelf. They are not looking to leave their people and business high and dry after raising awareness of the root problems. With diverse resources of experts united on training, negotiating, instructing, and counseling for both businesses, teams, and individuals, CCBA is ensuring that the industry is equipped to take steps towards bridging the gap between the current and desired state.

Reason 5: They ensure a prolonged commitment

It is definitely not a one-time or one-year project for them. To indicate a sense of reliability and ensure a long-term commitment, they are establishing the framework to continue evaluating and re-adjusting their approach towards achieving their ideal situation. It is not a one-time project for them, it is a journey to transformation to bring radical, long-lasting changes, hear people, deliver promises to see everyone associated, be themselves, and feel safe at their workplaces.


Due to these 5 Reasons, we believe that the Brewing Industry can be a paragon of diversity

in other industries. Hopefully, their determination will bring change in the near future!

Now What?

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About the Author: The human brain, behaviour and interactions with their environment never fail to intrigue Samin Saadat . After spending long hours in psychology labs at UBC and completing her Masters at the Sauder School of Business, she entered the workforce and observed a gap between what research suggests and what companies actually do to increase productivity and profitability. Now, Samin is on a mission to bridge this gap through Jalapeño Employee Engagement — leveraging technology and science of psychology to bring research findings to life to help companies save invaluable dollars and to help individuals enhance their quality of life.