DEI and Agile: Beyond Buzzwords Toward Transformation


Samin Saadat
Executive Director, Posted on Dec 29, 2021

This Cutter Consortium Executive Update seeks to illuminate two concepts that are extremely important but are at risk of becoming mere buzzwords: “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) and “Agile teams.” Most teams do not have an accurate understanding of these terms. And while the majority promote their workplace as embracing DEI and Agile methodologies, they often do not “walk the talk.” But this dichotomy makes perfect sense. How can we take appropriate actions based on certain values when we lack a mutual understanding of those values? In fact, this is one of the most common barriers we find in change management projects. Companies spend a great deal of time on executing solutions but neglect to devote adequate resources to building a mutual understanding of the problems and ideal state. Therefore, the outcomes are either failures or merely good learning opportunities.

Now it is time to pause and think about what DEI and Agile really mean.

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