Empower Your Employees with Self-Awareness for Positive Change

Empower Your Employees to Be the Change They Want to See


Samin Saadat
Executive Director, Posted on Oct 02, 2023

In our previous article, I emphasized the importance of focusing on your own contributions rather than dwelling on others' actions. This mindset shift can empower you and lead to better results. Today, I want to dive deeper into one of our software's unique features – the ability to cultivate self-awareness. We'll explore how investing in your team's self-awareness can benefit small and midsize businesses.

Why Self-Awareness Matters

Picture this: when addressing any problem or conflict, the first crucial step is ensuring that everyone understands the issue in the same way. If your perception of the problem differs from mine, it won't matter how many solutions we brainstorm – they won't lead to sustainable results.

Once we establish a common understanding of the problem, the next step is to reflect on our own contributions to it. This introspection is the key to crafting effective, sustainable solutions that require minimal effort yet yield substantial value. It empowers you to be a part of the solution instead of merely taking chances on assumptions that might not apply to everyone.

“Consider this approach as an investment in empowering your team to identify solutions that work for them while staying aligned with your organization's values, mission, and vision. It eliminates the need to cater to everyone's varying needs constantly.”

Benefits of Self-Awareness

We firmly believe that meaningful engagement within a team occurs when each individual understands their position in relation to their team, company, and benchmarks. It enables them to contribute constructively by focusing their efforts on areas within their control.

In addition, company growth is closely tied to the personal growth of its team members. While this doesn't mean everyone will have equal influence, it does emphasize that individual empowerment is the most efficient way to nurture a thriving culture.

"Company growth is intrinsically tied to the growth of its individuals. To reach new heights, we must first empower each team member to soar."

Here are just a few benefits of developing self-awareness within your team:

  • Effective Problem Solving: Self-aware individuals are better equipped to identify the root causes of problems and develop more targeted solutions.

  • Conflict Resolution: Self-awareness promotes better communication and understanding, making it easier to resolve conflicts constructively.

  • Improved Decision-Making: Knowing your strengths and weaknesses enables you to make decisions aligned with your abilities, leading to better outcomes.

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness enhances your ability to recognize and manage emotions, fostering healthier relationships.

  • Enhanced Leadership: Self-aware leaders inspire trust and respect as they lead by example and are open to feedback.

  • Stress Reduction: Self-awareness allows you to recognize stress triggers and implement coping strategies more effectively.

  • Empathy: It fosters empathy for others, making you more attuned to their needs and feelings, which is essential for teamwork.

  • Increased Resilience: Self-aware individuals bounce back from setbacks more resiliently, as they understand their own reactions and can adapt more easily.

  • Improved Relationships: Self-awareness leads to healthier personal and professional relationships, as you are better able to understand and connect with others.

  • Enhanced Creativity: It encourages you to explore different perspectives and think creatively, driving innovation.

  • Team Collaboration: Self-aware team members contribute positively to group dynamics, as they are better able to understand their roles and work cohesively.

Here's a glimpse of how our technology and psychology expertise help you understand your role in a sea of data:


If you're looking to empower your organization to thrive and grow cost-effectively, the path lies in fostering self-awareness among your team members. Encourage them to understand their contributions and what they can do individually to drive the change they desire.

In our next article, we'll explore how to maintain your energy and resilience while making positive changes, ensuring you don't burn out. Stay tuned!

About the Author: The human brain, behaviour, and interactions with their environment never fail to intrigue Samin Saadat. After spending long hours in psychology labs at UBC and completing her Master's at the Sauder School of Business, she entered the workforce. She observed a gap between what research suggests and what companies do to increase productivity and profitability. Over the last 10 years, Samin has developed expertise in people growth and culture building by working closely with business owners and individuals to develop the right mindset, skills and environment for cultivating a thriving workforce. Also, Samin strongly believes every single individual, regardless of their race, age, status, gender, position, mental health matters and physical conditions, deserves to reach their full potential. They all have something unique to offer. Now, Samin is on a mission to bridge the existing gap in the workforce and support individuals and companies to reach their full potential through Jalapeño Employee Engagement—leveraging technology and psychology to bring research findings to life to help companies save invaluable dollars and to help individuals enhance their quality of life.