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In 2019, “culture” is as important a concept to business stakeholders as any other. Every company wants to be thought of as a great place to work, whether that means appearing on Best Employer lists or achieving a great Glass Door rating.

Most managers know that achieving these goals goes way past having a stocked beer fridge or an office poodle--becoming the kind of place where people love to show up every morning requires a real commitment to the emotional wellbeing of your employees. But you’re a small-to-medium-sized company, and keeping a pulse on how your staff are doing is just one (admittedly big) item on a long list of daily tasks.

Fortunately, we can help. As experts in how to gather meaningful feedback from your team and turn it into a real-world action plan, we’re your trusted partners in keeping your staff happy and motivated.

And because every company is different, with a unique set of challenges and needs, we have a large toolkit of skills and services to use in helping you achieve harmony in your workplace.

Leadership Development

  • Develop an effective leadership style that reflects your strengths as a manager
  • Spot performance issues on your team and address them before they affect your key metrics
  • Navigate power dynamics effectively by seeing your position and influence through the lens of your employees
  • Delegate effectively and empathetically so you’re focused on the most important tasks as a manager
  • Learn more about the Leadership Development Training Program Here

Individual Professional Development

  • Create a set of organizational values and include them in everything you do
  • Set goals with techniques that really work, and integrate them in a way that makes sense to your employees
  • Become the type of manager who can deal with conflict effectively, and even embrace it as a necessary part of making your company better
  • Learn more about the Individual Professional Development Training Program Here


  • Set and communicate expectations clearly
  • Provide effective feedback
  • Getting the right message across in the right way
  • Learn more about the Communication Training Program Here

Team Dynamics

  • Lead remote teams with confidence by working around the unique challenges this workplace format presents
  • Implement an organizational framework such as Agile, if it makes sense for your team
  • Understand and leverage the diverse backgrounds, ideas, and mindsets that exist in your organization to create a comfortable environment for everyone.
  • Motivate your team effectively
  • Empower your employees so they do more of their best work autonomously
  • Learn more about the Team Dynamics Training Program Here

Change Management

  • Embrace and manage change by considering
    • why organizational change is so difficult
    • what your personal tolerance for ambiguity is
    • what change really is and why you need a model for understanding it
    • what you can do to effect change with intention
  • Learn more about the Change Management Training Program Here

Recruitment Services

  • Find the best available talent, offer them a compelling reason to join your company, and integrate them into your team as painlessly as possible
  • Learn more about the Recruitment Training Program Here

Project Management

  • Carry out a stakeholder analysis, and turn it into a communication plan that will help your project succeed
  • Organize your stakeholders into effective groups
  • Win and maintain the support of your stakeholders

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