Spicy Hotline: I Want to Define and Solve My Team’s REAL Problems, NOT Symptoms!

Spicy Hotline: I Want to Define and Solve My Team’s REAL Problems, NOT Symptoms!

Who are we? Jalapeño Employee Engagement pairs workplace engagement analytics with full-service consulting and coaching to unlock your team’s inner potential.

There are many webinars, articles, and resources available to learn more about how to perform your work during this time of uncertainty, to design your culture and organization, as well as to manage your team effectively. However, what we are observing is that:

1) You could have 1000 possible solutions, but if you don’t know what the actual problem is, all 1000 are useless.

2) Providing customized solutions that are right SPECIFICALLY for your team will actually help you to see the desired results and generate high ROI.

You will be surprised that more often than not, many of the symptoms you experience are a result of a problem that may have happened a long time ago, somewhere else in the company. With the pandemic crisis we’re currently going through, all these issues are being exposed, making them inevitable and visible!


“Cause and effect are not closely related in time and space” - Peter Senge

We are providing a platform for our community to come together with their top challenges in their current work experience and consult with Jalapeño Experts on how to navigate them! 

In this session, you will share your struggles with us, and Jalapeño consultants and coaches will assess your situation to help you: 

1) define your problem clearly and 

2) find solutions that are right for you and your team!!

You can attend our virtual event to contribute directly to the analysis and/or learn from the interactive discussion :) Everyone is encouraged to share their diverse experience!


  • Business Owner 

  • HR Lead/Consultant

  • Team lead

  • Project Manager

  • Learner

  • Team Member

You can also attend anonymously! 

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5:00pm-5:05pm: Introduction.

5:05pm-6:00pm: Interactive discussion - each problem gets 10-15 minutes to be analyzed and discussed further!

6:00pm: Jalapeño will provide Thank You gifts, marking the end of the session.


Gabriela Freitas: Gabriela Freitas is an Employee Engagement Consultant and Researcher at Jalapeno Employee Engagement, where she helps organizations reach their full potential, working closely with employees to maximize employee engagement. Passionate about people and organizational development, Gabriela works closely with employees, providing individual coaching and training in order to create an environment where they can thrive. She has also been heavily involved in full-cycle recruitment and branding and has used her experience to help organizations strengthen their employer brand, recruitment processes, and change management processes. Gabriela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Organizational Psychology at Adler University, where she is focusing her research on the impact of supervisory empathy on employee engagement.

Hernan Ochoa: Hernan is a researcher and consultant at Jalapeno Employee Engagement where he helps companies, especially small to mid-sized, reach their full potential by maximizing employee engagement. Using research-based action, he works hard to align employees’ core motivators to the company’s vision and values to ensure that individuals are engaged, and thus, working to their fullest potential. Hernan is currently completing his master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, where his thesis is focused on the gap between emerging technologies and artificial intelligence, and companies’ preparedness to take on these technologies. He would ultimately like to see what cultural factors in organizations can be leveraged in order to introduce new technology with the least amount of resistance.